Welcome to 24uNet

24uNet is a Denver based company that can help your company grow, and generate more bottom line revenue through proactive IT consulting services. Generically speaking, 24uNet is a telecommunication and IT service company. There are many companies in Colorado that provide these services, but 24uNet has some unique qualities and is focused on driving profits to your companies bottom line. 24uNet has the unique ability to integrate telecommunications, process improvement, business infrastructure, software development, and network services into your company to make it more efficient, and thus driving profits. 24uNet does not just sell you services, we want to partner with your company, and use over 25 years of experience in the small to medium sized business environment, to create the best overall IT services for your company. Our flagship product is TechAssist Managed Services. Managed Services is a product that monitors your companies printers, routers, workstations, and servers 24/7 for potential problems. Theses problems can include hardware, virus, Windows patching, and server or workstation issues. Once a problem is detected a proactive plan is followed to solve the problem, and most of the time these problems are solved without any downtime or employees even being aware. Less downtime of your employees creates more revenue for your company. Please also note that 24uNet will provide any level of service you require. If you need project work or an hourly service call 24uNet will accommodate any situation.